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Not "JUST" a Ski Club.

104 photo(s) Updated on: 05/19/2022
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  • Looks like the margaritas are taking control here!
  • Aye caramba! Cinco mas Margaritas por favor!
  • Smile everyone!
  • CHEERS!!!!!
  • Looks like everyone enjoyed the great food.
  • Great friends, great food, and great beverages.
  • Beautiful decorations thanks to Marilyn.
  • The food line begins.
  • I'll take 3, please!
  • Group Dinner at the Mountain Falls Golf Course
  • Someone has to buy a new putter.
  • Golfing at Mountain Falls Holes 12 and 13.
  • 2022 Salt Lake Ski Trip - Nancy, Judy, and Luisa in Park City.
  • 2022 Salt Lake Ski Trip - Michael's Mine Disaster - Park City
  • 2022 Salt Lake Ski Trip - Snow Shoeing at Solitude.
  • 2022 Salt Lake Ski Trip - And a good time was had by all.
  • “Joint Halloween Party with Alpine club-2021”
  • “Joint Halloween Party with Alpine club-2021”
  • “Joint Halloween Party with Alpine club-2021”
  • “Joint Halloween Party with Alpine club-2021”
  • “Joint Halloween Party with Alpine club-2021”
  • “Joint Halloween Party with Alpine club-2021”
  • Thanks to Phyllis, Judy, and others who helped making our Holiday Party a huge success.
  • Lining up for the women's Holiday sweater contest.
  • Waiting for the judges response.
  • Checking out the competition!
  • And the winner is.......Judy.
  • Now for the men - Max "Pick me, pick me"!
  • Waiting in suspense!
  • Thumbs up for a great 2021 Kick-off!
  • This picture is no yolk!
  • Nice catch!
  • I found it!
  • Just remember the camera adds 20 lbs!
  • Cheer, Cheer the gang's all here!
  • One way to keep Mark quiet!
  • Mark learning to be a husband!
  • The Birthday Kids!
  • May 1, 2021 Golf Weekend - Party in Pahrump and a good time was had by all.
  • Eagle Crest Gold Course - March 28, 2021
  • 2020 COVID-19 Kay Dee and Max checking out local attractions.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Margot and Joe have official permission to "Shelter in Place" on their boat.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Margot enjoying the beautiful day at Hoover Dam.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Joe and Margot first day of skiing at Hoover Dam.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Carol biking, plus knitting blanks for Military Wives and making face masks for friends.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Carol, Nick, Nancy, and Sally
  • 2020 COVID-19 Carol and friend on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Carol, Sally, and Nick.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Craig built a 72 panel solar system to power his house. He also managed to grow a beard. Marilyn has been doing Spring, Summer, and Fall cleaning.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Peggy C. takes care of her beautiful flower box.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Peggy C. garden plants.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Diane is looking for the right size bowl to give herself a COVID-19 mullet haircut. (At least she is color coordinated.)
  • 2020 COVID-19 Diane cuts a padded bra in half to make a COVID-19 face mask. (Breathing might be a bit difficult.)
  • 2020 COVID-19 Mike with his face shield and Raiders mask ready to take on COVID-19.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Lin has never missed anyone more than Maria, her hair stylist.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Judge Bonnie Bulla of the Nevada Court of Appeals (and our LVSSC) soldiers on in the pandemic.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Anna biking to the bank.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Nancy and Nick make a champagne toast to Wedding Anniversary two while in quarantine.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Nancy hiking.
  • 2020 COVID-19 KayDee celebrating St. Patrick Day.
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Our mission is to promote and encourage participation in the sport of skiing and snowboarding, along with other sports and activities, for Southern Nevadans in pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle.

P.O. Box 42894 Las Vegas, NV 89116

LVSSC is a Not-For-Profit club based in Las Vegas, NV. We get group pricing and plan our events to get the best discounts available. Our dues are only $45 per year.

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