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History of the Club

Club Directors History List (excel)

Snow skiing was a novelty in Southern Nevada in 1962, but to a few local skiers this sport was well worth pursuing under any conditions.  They recognized that adventurous ski trips to nearby and distant resorts would be more enjoyable and cheaper by joining forces with other skiers in the area.  The Las Vegas Ski Club was born, and from that initial meeting of 10 die-hard skiers the club has been steadily active and presently has approximately 250 members.

The Club’s name has evolved ….

The first name change: From Las Vegas Ski Club to Las Vegas Ski & Social Club to include the newly incorporated TGIF social events, the Summer party and the Christmas parties. Those social activities still occur and help make the club’s offering unique for it’s members. Note: There may have been some other financial reasons for the name change according to our members recall.

The second name change to it’s current title:  From Las Vegas Ski & Social Club  to Las Vegas Ski & Sports Club. This change was to reflect the fact that the club is a multi-dimensional sports club, not just a Ski Club. Other sports related activities include, snowboarding, golf, tennis, water sports and spectator sports.

So who has been in the Club the longest?
For that question, we have this report from Michael O'Connor:

" I joined in 1969 when Owen Nitz, a local attorney, was club president.  Sometime in the early seventies, the club offered lifetime memberships to anyone willing to pay ten years’ dues.  The three of us took advantage of that offer and shelled out the ungodly amount of $100.00, a rather princely sum in that era.  That’s how “Lifetime memberships” came about."

The three Lifetime Members are:

B.G. “Cheyenne” Hlady
Michael O’Conner (joined in 1969)
Richard Thompson

Excerpts from members:

Alan McGibbon

When I joined in 1970, the club already had about 300 members.  Vegas was 200,000.  It met on the upper convention facility at the Silver Slipper casino, which has now been bulldozed and I'm not sure what casino is sitting on the place.(fashion show mall?)  Ferman Berta, who owned The Vegas Ski Chalet, (I believe the only ski equipment store in town besides the Olympian) on Maryland Parkway was the leader.  Raichle came out with their Fiberjet red fiberglass ski boots of which I bought, when all other ski boots were leather.  The ski boots were great if your foot fit the rigid cast housing, but were otherwise like wearing concrete.  The boots were later up on the antique shelf when the Ski Chalet closed. 

At the 1970 meetings, women came wearing their furs and dressed to the hilt.  You still had to wear a suit to be acceptable in the casinos. Meetings were rowdy because of the crowds. Most trips as I remember were car pool trips to Brian Head.  There were also day trips to Lee Canyon Ski area, which had one chair lift and a rope tow.  The rope tow (or T bar I think) was treacherous to get on and off, but you could get off halfway up the hill, on purpose or accidentally which was great for new skiers that thought that the hill was too scary.  The T-bar lift was later replaced with a chair lift. 

 The club was called just the Las Vegas Ski Club up into recent years when the name was changed for tax purposes to rid themselves of the old club accounting practices.  The name was changed to Las Vegas Ski and Social club.

If you have a memory or excerpt about the club’s early history that you wish to include,  please contact us.

January 26, 2006

Sometime ago Dave, you had asked me if I had any information on the formation of our ski club. I told you what little bit I knew, which wasn't really very much.

Yesterday I was chatting a co-worker of mine, Al Moeller,. and it seems that he was also instrumental in the formation of the club. He confirmed that it was indeed around 1962 when the seeds were planted. The first meetings were held in an upstairs conference room of the Sahara Hotel.

Some of the other founding fathers were George Lanouette, a long-time ski patroller up at Lee Canyon, Firman Berta, former owner of the Las Vegas Ski Chalet on Maryland Parkway , Lynn Rhodes, a retired dentist, Glen Teuller, a retired doctor, and Barbara Greenspun of the Las Vegas Sun family. I guess she'd be a founding mother, eh?

Al actually helped the Highfield family get Lee Canyon up and running, actively patrolling there for many years. He tells me that the first t-bar operated with all old Ford car engine. He went on to say that he spent many summers on the mountain felling trees and extricating rocks. He and the other patrolmen would alternate their weekends between Lee Canyon and Brian Head. No pay of course, just free skiing. What a deal!

Hope this helps, amigo.

Michael 0'


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Thursday, April 12
5:30 - 8 pm

World of Beer
In the Galleria Mall
Main Entrance

1300 W. Sunset Rd.
Henderson, NV 89014

(702) 202-3323

Patio seating, weather permitting, beer, beer and more beer, and wine too!

Thursday, April 26
5:30 - 8 pm

La Cabana

2800 W. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 998-7593

Back again to a great room with great food and drinks.


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